Cody Deering

Hello, My name is Cody Deering, I was born and raised on the central coast in California, in the Monterey Bay region , I now live in the state of Montana.

I make my living with Horses and Cattle, they are my passion and I am always happy to share my knowledge with others.

I had my start on a California Ranch back in the 70’s, I started to learn from the old men of that day who learned from their elders when they were young. 

I come from a “working environment” with horses and cattle that were raised on the ranches of the west.

My ways are simple but yet far reaching. I adopt a minimalistic style. I am always searching for simple solutions with horses and riders that will yield the best results. I don't think of drilling a horse from maneuver to maneuver, instead I think of riding the horse exactly as the situation calls for, though what is called Feel. The movement must come from the horse or it is not a pure movement, this is what I strive for in working with horses and instructing their riders. The relationship between man and horse is thousands of years old and I am happy to be in this timeline of Horsemen.

The California Trigger Reined Bridle Horse is of utmost interest to me and has been my life's study. There is no where else in the world where this specific style that I follow was practiced, there is, in my opinion, no finer feel than when the horse responds from the slightest communication from the riders hands and then that feel transfers down through the reins, to the feet of the horse.
The Californio Style stands by itself, it is so unique and I travel near and far giving examples and giving people a glimpse into how it could be. When a purpose is given to the horse and the horse has a feeling of partnership from the rider, then this is the moment that the horse and rider become one.

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